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News Why PU leather case is widely used in cell phone accessories industry?

Why PU leather case is widely used in cell phone accessories industry?


With the development of smart phone,people want their lovely cell phone has a beautiful protective case in case of the screen damage.So leather case becomes very popular.

As we all known real leather is made of animal skin,PU leather is man made.Pure leather is very durable and better quality than PU leather,so their price is huge difference.But there are many similarities between real leather and PU leather.With the fashion conscious changed,people began to looking for cheaper alternative to pure leather,phone case are being made using PU leather these days.Because PU leather is cheaper,but looks just like real leather.

PU leather is soft and perfect in texture,many our customers start their phone case business with using PU leather first.High quality PU leather is durable,won’t stretch,deteriorate or fade.It has a smooth,consistent texture, which is easy to clean and maintain.Quality premium soft PU leather offering full-body protection of your phone against scratches and damage.Well-made PU leather case let you feel good to touch, and the weight is light so is convenient to carry.Besides,the leather is quite good quality which makes the phone more valuable

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