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News Five Strategies Of New Leather Phone Case Products Development

Five Strategies Of New Leather Phone Case Products Development


 With the global economic integration,the footwear market will be further opened to the outside world.China with a population of more than 1.3 billion will inevitably lead to more intense competition.As we all know,product is an important factor in the enterprise marketing mix,the product quality directly affects the sales and relationship of the business success.Faced with this situation, as a phone case development and design company,how to deal with it? How to design and develop products suitable for the market? How to improve the overall level of development and design,enhance competitiveness?Let us talk about some of our strategies for this challenge.

 First.Market information strategy
The market has been transformed from the seller’s market to the buyer’s market, which also formed a variety of brand competition and the upgrading of shoes styles.Seasonal and consumer attitudes changes,affecting our sales methods,so accurate grasp of market information is still important.We must understand that.
 a, the status of existing products in the market.
 b, consumer behavior and consumption patterns.
 c, the growth and decline of the product category in the market.
 d, who are our main competitors in current and future markets.
 e, objectively listed competitors’ strengths and weaknesses.
 f, what are the main popular style on the market now, style, color and so on.
 g, to understand the social hot, entertainment sports industry dynamics.
 On the basis of full investigation and research, make market forecast, and then make a decision as soon as possible to produce as soon as possible and put on the market. New product development to achieve the spirit of information, reflect fast, accurate decision-making, strong production capacity and high economic efficiency.
 Second.Product ideas strategy
 The concept of a new product is the first step in footwear design and development and the prerequisite and foundation of all subsequent steps. Any new product is generated in a certain idea, the merits of the idea will directly affect the progress and quality of development work. A new product idea, many proposals can be made, but a good idea must have both at the same time:
 a, the idea to be unique, creative thinking, it is a bit of a whimsical. Imaginative ideas, will form a vitality of new products. (Imagination)
 b. The idea is to be as near as feasible, including technically and economically viable. Imagination that can not be achieved at all can only be a fantasy. (Creativity)
 With a good idea, it will bring a lot of help to the development. Then a series of development and design, forming a series of product chains.
 Third.High-quality aesthetic strategy
 This is the new development design of the most important, but also the most basic part. It directly determines the quality of the product, related to the success or failure of the product. Develop a new style, if the quality is not relevant, other efforts can not conceal this fatal weakness, therefore, must be made as an important part of product development. On this basis, add:
 a, the overall appearance of the shape.
 b, color coordination and rationality.
 c, functional aspects: (1) comfort;(2) air permeability; (3), durability and so on.
 d, decorative art design and so on.
 Reasonable technology with the whole style can make people refreshing feeling, thereby increasing sales.
 Fourth.The life cycle strategy
 Any successful new style is going through the process of becoming commercially viable from the development stage, marketed to the market, and then exited through growth, maturity, recession and eventually exit the market. In view of the seasonal characteristics of our region and the differences in the region, there is a high demand for product listing, in order to make new products to be accepted by the market growth and reduce unnecessary inventory, “time is money,” the phrase used in product development It is particularly important.
 Five.Cost budget strategy
 In the process of development and design, efforts should be made to reduce costs, mainly by making fewer detours in the research and development methods, tapping potentialities in production organizations, strengthening scientific management and cost accounting, and expanding market share at a low price. Reform process and expand production, the formation of a series of batch production capacity. Through the cost budget for the development of new products to provide effective technical, material, financial basis to ensure that the smooth development of design and development work.

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