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iPhone Leather Wallet Case iPhone x The Details Of Manufacturing Leather Phone Case

The Details Of Manufacturing Leather Phone Case



Now leather cell phone case style is more and more,these workmanship can be used for multi-style mobile phone case.The quality and technology is controled by our professional QC, so no matter what style under the Atland Leather, the quality is guaranteed.Specific leather phone case process details are as follows:
Left and right clamshell phone case product technology features:
1. Seiko secret agents, absolutely see the excellent quality; Whether it is made of which smart phone, will select the entire high-quality fine leather fabric and gray microfiber lining (also according to different requirements change color), combined with the end of the PC Care applications, tailor-made with exquisite crafts need to customize the phone holster, leather flip cover.
2. The choice of style determines the phone case process.Now there are 2 kinds production process:voltage and sewing(this is only one of the important process).Voltage process of mobile phone case generally do not need to do car suture processing, only two cortical fabrics through high-temperature equipment for hot melt bonding. Needle car is just the opposite, now with the pursuit of the appearance of mobile phone holsters more and more simple atmosphere, the voltage holster mobile phone holster than the car handle the best-selling mobile phone holster, but the needle car handle holster quality Absolutely more durable than voltage.
3 Ultra-thin clamshell design, all-round protection; around the opening and closing of the phone case clamshell design, the perfect leather to retain the feel; leather paste skin technology sophistication, without affecting the functional use of the situation, subvert the traditional partial heavy Mobile phone holster to ultra-thin design, feel more comfortable; Overall elegant and exquisite, strong and durable, all-round protection of your love machine.
4. Leather mobile phone case with quality PC shell is easy to take off and fit for smart phone perfect.Precious cutout for function ports and for speakers,earpiece,camera and other functional ports allow to access to all ports and functions easily, without removing the case.Use the same color with the leather translucent color, to create a cat litter matte texture, scratch-resistant, while playing an excellent shock absorption, anti-aging protection!

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