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News Leather Phone Cases Manufacturing Process

Leather Phone Cases Manufacturing Process


Leather Phone Cases Production Process

 Usually a leather phone case can be made of PU and veritable leather material.Real leather is the skin of an animal,which is very expensive.PU leather is man made material (or product) which is an outcome of chemical processes.It is cheaper to make and has a nice-looking finish.Now it is widely used in bag&case industries.Most our smartphone and tablet cases are made of high grade PU leather material.What’s more,we will build it the way you like.Your brand and logo can be embossed on the cases.

Once we got your order,we will confirm details with you.Then,our case designer come up with a design, a template is made and sent to the production department. Production begins with leather cutting,sewing and stitching together with strong thread by heavy-duty machines. After that additional things are added to the case depending on the design.

When the order is completed,through QC strict quality inspection,finally the cases are packed and shipped.Usually the production time is 10-12 days.

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